Download BeeTV APK v3.4.4 on Devices (LATEST UPDATED VERSION)

Did you miss out on any of the newly released movies or your favorite TV shows? Do not worry, as we introduce to you the best streaming app in the market right now; is BeeTV APK.

This amazing app is available for all Android devices. It offers you tons of fun and entertainment with its wonderful collection of movies, TV shows, and series. BeeTV APK is all that you need to make your day interesting.

With BeeTV Apk, you can watch any old or new movies and TV shows in HD and high sound quality that provides you with an enhanced streaming experience. BeeTV APK is fast in streaming and also the contents can be easily downloaded into your device. The video content is increasing day by day. You can find movies and TV shows in different languages. 2 Ways to Install MovieBox Pro VIP Free on iOS(iPhone & iPad) is the best alternative to BeeTV App on iPhone/iPad devices.


Download BeeTV APK on Android (Latest Download Links)

The contents are divided into various categories depending on their genres. BeeTV Apk also has a new releases category. Even though it provides you with all these amazing features, you don’t have to pay any fee to use BeeTV APK. It is completely free of cost and is safe to use, as it does not ask for your personal details.

The simple user interface is the highlight of this app. The app also consumes less space from the storage device. Because it gives an enhanced user experience, BeeTV Apk is downloaded by many users across the world. CyberFlix TV App is the first and foremost option which you should check right now and get it on your device without wasting much time on checking alternative apps for BeeTV if anytime if you face any issues with BeeTV.

Name of the ApplicationBeeTV
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Firestick, Smart TV, PC
Last Updated 2023
Latest Version v3.4.4
APK Size14.9MB
Root Required?No
Android Version Requirement4.0 & Above
Visit the Community PageBeeTV
CategoryEntertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
Content RatingRated for 12+


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BeeTV APK Updates (Original & Mod APKs(Ad-Free))

BeeTV v3.4.4 – 

   BeeTV APK v3.4.4 Download

File linked code: 30837432

Downloader App code: 82614

Video Players for BeeTV –

   Download Titan Player

   Download HB Player

Changelog of BeeTV 3.4.4 APK:

  • Delete watchlist & collections option added.
  • Fix crashing issue in Real Debrid.
  • Added new providers and resolvers.

BeeTV APK v2.5.3:

BeeTV APK v2.5.2:

   Download BeeTV APK v2.5.2

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BeeTV APK v2.5.1:

Changelog of v2.5.1:

  • The focus issue got fixed in Amazon FireStick, Fire TV & Fire Cube.
  • Added a lot of new resolvers and providers.
  • Graphics and resources got optimised in this update.

BeeTV v2.4.8 APK:

   Download BeeTV v2.4.8

BeeTV v2.4.7 APK:

BeeTV v2.4.6 APK:

BeeTV App on iOS:

      Download BeeTV App on iOS

BeeTV App on iOS Information:

App NameBeeTV
SellerNgo Quang Huy
Compatibility iOS 9 & Later (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
Age Rating12+
Copyright© 2023 NovaShowguide

Changelog of BeeTV v2.4.5 APK(LATEST):

  • All Debrid issues fixed.
  • Chromecast issues fixed.
  • No Links Found issue fixed.

BeeTV 2.4.4 APK:

Changelog of Bee TV APK v2.4.4:

  • Google Cast is fixed.
  • Bugs are fixed and optimized.

BeeTV 2.4.3 APK:

Changelog of Bee TV APK v2.4.3:

  • More sources & providers were added.
  • Focus issue resolved in FireStick.

Changelog of v2.4.1:

  • Added more link providers.
  • Focus fixed on Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Cube.

Changelog of v2.4.0:

  • Added more providers.
  • Fixed a lot of providers.
  • Added new resolvers.
  • Fixed focus on FireStick & Fire TV.

Changelog of v2.3.8

  • Added more providers and links.
  • Buffering & Crashing issue fixed.
  • Real Debrid issue fixed.

BeeTV v2.3.7 APK:

Changelog of BeeTV v2.3.7 APK:

  • Support onlystream, vidtodo, and mixdrop added.
  • Added 8 new link providers.
  • Crashing fixed on some devices.
  • Link not ready to stream issue got fixed now.

Backup APK v2.3.7:

BeeTV v2.3.6 APK:

MX Player Download (Original):    Latest Official MX Player

MX Player Mod Download: Download MX Player Pro Mod

Changelog of v2.3.6 APK:

  • Amazon FireStick & Fire TV Crashing issues are fixed.
  • HD shows content not showing full content got Fixed.
  • Option to show Hindi content in settings is added.
  • Added AllDebrid integration.

Changelog of BeeTV Mod/Lite APK(v2.3.6):

  • Removed Ads, Sponsored Ads, Analytics, Banners, Choose Player Popup, and other popups.
  • Force update Removed.
  • Removed IP Tracking.
  • Supported Languages are Eu, Rn.
  • Graphics are optimized and cleaned every resource for fast load < improved result (9.97size).
  • All resources are Encrypted.

Bee TV v2.3.5 APK:

Changelog v2.3.5:

  • The full content issue got fixed and.
  • In the mod version, Analytics, Sponsor Ads, Banners, Player Popup, Force Update, and other unnecessary prompts were removed.
  • Fix HD Release and Hindi Section.

Bee TV v2.3.1 APK:

Changelog of BeeTV v2.3.1 APK:

  • Lite Mode Added, If you see any cant connect to server error, shift to Lite Mode.
  • A lot of Bugs were fixed and app optimised.
  • Ads, Analytics, Banners, Choose Player Popup disabled, Social Page, Choose subtitle popup, and force update removed.

BeeTV V2.3.0 APK (Original)

Changelog V2.3.0:

  • Fixed emergency bug app not loading.

BeeTV V2.3.0 APK (Ad-Free)

Changelog V2.3.0:

  • Removed Ads.
  • Removed Sponsored banner layout.
  • Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services.
  • Removed All Ads and services calls from Activity.
  • Removed All Ads banner layout in tablet mode.
  • Disabled Choose Player popup.
  • Disabled Choose Language subtitles.
  • No more Force Update.
  • Disabled Analytics.

BeeTV V2.2.9 APK (AD Free)

Changelog V2.2.9:

  • You can add your favorite color to the subtitles.
  • New link providers added.
  • FireStick and Fire TV now can use the menu button to add the movie to the watch list.
  • You can choose the text color and focus color on your device.
  • Add option choose watchlist, calendar, and the collection as the default screen.
  • Ads, Sponsor Ads, Analytics, and banners were removed.

Bee TV APK v2.2.8(Original APK):


  • Hindi section. and Notification function on Fire Stick is Added.
  • Added premium Option.
  • Some link providers got Fixed.
  • Fixed bug on some Android 9 devices.

BeeTV APK v2.2.8 Mod by Balatan

  • Ads got Removed
  • The sponsored banner layout also got removed from the Application.
  • Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • All ads and service calls from Activity are removed.
  • Removed Ads banner layout in tablet mode.
  • Choose Player popup.
  • The social page got disabled.
  • No forced update Anymore.
  • Disabled Analytics.

Bee TV APK v2.2.7(Original APK):


  • Some link providers got Fixed.
  • Bugs on android 9 devices got fixed.
  • Added Great Improvements to find more and more sources.

BeeTV APK v2.2.7 Mod by Balatan

Changelog (v2.2.7 Mod APK):

  • Errors and issues with Android 5.0 devices got fixed.
  • Removed Ads, Analytics, Sponsored Banners, Unwanted permission to services and receivers.
  • Choose player popup and disabled subtitles pop up.
  • No More Force Updates.
  • Social fan page removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.5 – Updated:


  • Cast and crew photo in detail movies also Added.
  • 3 new link providers also Added.
  • Optimized openload links.
  • Subscene Iissue fixed in this latest version.

Changelog of v2.2.5 Mod APK:

  • Ads and Sponsor banner layout has been completely removed.
  • Unwanted permissions, services, and receivers have been removed.
  • Removed Selecting player popup.
  • Force update has been removed.
  • Analytics has been removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.5 Lite Mod APK:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.5 Lite Mod APK

Changelog of V2.2.5 Lite Mod APK:

  • Graphics has been optimized and resources for the fast load (APK Compressed to 10.3MB).
  • Encrypted all sources of the app.
  • Only ARM devices support has added.
  • Tracking of  IP is disabled.
  • There is No Ads and No Analytics.
  • En & Ru languages are supported.
  • Banners also removed.

BeeTV APK v2.2.4:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.4 – Direct Download


  • 8 Fast Link Providers Has been added.
  • Episode lists added in this new update.
  • Tweak movie details added on TV.
  • Size is now 16.2 MB.
  • Autoplay feature fixed.
    BeeTV APK v2.2.4 Download - Changelog
    BeeTV APK v2.2.4 Download – Changelog

BeeTV Lite APK V2.2.4(Mod by Balatan)

Changelog (v2.2.4 Mod APK):

  • Optimized Graphics and Cleland resources for the fast loading of the app.
  • Size decreased to 10.3 MB.
  • Encrypted all resources and removed all unwanted permissions and prompts.
  • Analytics, ads, and banners removed.
  • The tracking of IP has been removed.
  • Languages: En & Ru.
  • ARM devices only supported.

BeeTV APK v2.2.3:

Original APK Version:

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.3

Changelog of Official Version:

  • Optimized TV Layout.
  • The autoplay feature has been fixed.
  • Open-load link resolved.
  • Fixed subtitles download.
  • Added more sources and providers.

Mod APK(BeeTV Mod APK v2.2.3 by Balatan):

Changelog of Mod APK 2.2.3 Version:

  • Ads, Banners and sponsored banners are removed.
  • Analytics and social page disabled.
  • No Force update from the latest version.
  • Choose player popup removed.
  • Unwanted permissions and choose language subtitles disbaled.

BeeTV APK v2.2.2


  • Version: 2.2.2
  • Size: 16.2 MB
  • Optimized User Interface on TV.
  • Crashing Issues fixed.
  • Optimize code for fast link resolve.
  • Added clock and Off subtitles feature added.
  • Added direct/fast link providers.
  • Editors choice added.
    Bee TV APK Updated Version
    Bee TV APK Updated Version

BeeTV v2.2.1:

Original APK:

  • Fixed Not loading bug on Android 4.4 and lower devices
  • Added option to hide poster, name, and year.

Mod APK(by Balatan):

Download BeeTV APK v2.2.1 (Mod APK) (Direct Download)

  • Ads are removed
  • Removed Sponsor Banner Layout.
  • All Ads and Service calls from Activity got removed.
  • All Ads banner layout in tablet mode removed.
  • Player popup disabled
  • Language subtitles are disabled.
  • Social Page disabled.
  • No force update and analytics disabled.

BeeTV v2.2.0:

Original APK: 

Mod APK(by Balatan):


  • Ads have removed.
  • Removed Sponsor Banner Layout.
  • Removed Unwanted Permissions, receivers, and services.
  • All Ads and other services call got removed from activity.
  • Ads Banner Layout in Tablet mode removed.
  • Social page got disabled.
  • Analytics got disabled.

BeeTV v2.1.9:

Original APK:


  • Removed Ads, Removed FaceBook Popup, and removed Subtitles Popup.
  • Removed Force Update in this update.
  • Default player popup fixed.
  • Sponsored Banner & Ad Banners Are removed.
  • Social Page removed.
  • Analytics Removed.
  • The fix eye icon does not sync with Trakt (for a movie).

Updated BeeTV v2.1.8 APK:

BeeTV APK v2.1.8 (Direct Download)


  • Autocheck and Autoplay next episode added.
  • Sort stream links by size.
  • Fixed icon not turning yellow for a watched movie.
  • Added Ability to choose secondary language subtitles.
  • Few Bugs fixed and improved in performance.

Note: Autoupdate facing some issues, do download it from above, install it by uninstalling the old version and enjoy this awesome movie app.

BeeTV APK v2.1.7 APK:

BeeTV Ad-Free Mod APK:


  • Fixed some minor bugs in v2.0.6

BeeTV APK v2.1.6 (MOD APK):


  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Improved focus on the TV landscape.
  • Added one optional player as a backup player.
  • Improved subtitles text look.
  • Ads removed and sponsored layout banner removed.
  • Choose player popup window removed.
  • The social page also removed.
  • No force update and analytics removed.
  • All ads on tablet mode also removed.

BeeTV APK v2.1.5:


  • Fixed Trailer on Nvidia Shield.
  • Real Debrid links on a top feature added.
  • Minor bugs and issues fixed in earlier versions.
  • More Sources Added.

BeeTV v2.1.4:


  • Optimize Layout on some Android TV Boxes.
  • Revamped the icons of the left menu.
  • Hide special season for tv shows.
  • The optimized focus for remote on TV.
  • Add filter year for tv shows and movies.
  • Auto sort Real-debrid link at the top for Real debrid premium users.

BeeTV v2.1.3:


  • Added Feature to choose default play in setting
  • Added Christmas Section
  • Added 4K supported links for Real-Debrid Users
  • Updated Internal Player
  • Fixed Bugs.

BeeTV V2.0.9:

Change Log:

  • Added option to select default player.
  • Add 4k link for real debrid users.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Update internal players.

BeeTV v2.0.8:

Change Log:

  • Fix Minor Bugs.
  • Fix bug in search suggestions.

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The developers have also succeeded in satisfying its users with more updated content and easy streaming. BeeTV APK also notifies every now and then a new content of your wish comes up. With BeeTV APK on your Android devices, you can schedule your movie time and shows. You no longer have to fight for the TV remote as you have the best streaming app with you.

Thank You and keep visiting for more updates :).