Download CYBERFLIX TV APK v3.1.9 on Your Devices (Latest Download Links)

Recently, the number of video streaming apps have increased greatly. Smartphones have already replaced many things from books to shopping.

With these streaming apps, it is also replacing the television sets. Now you can watch hundreds of movies, TV shows and series from these apps. With many such apps in the market, you may be confused about choosing the right one.

Cyberflix TV Apk is the best streaming app right now based on its performance and database. It has got a huge database consisting of movies and TV shows of various genres. It has all the latest movies, TV shows, etc to make your free time fun and interesting. The only thing you need to do is to download this app on your Android or iOS devices. Also, Check Out Latest Update: Morph TV App(Morpheus TV Update).

Download CYBERFLIX TV APK on Android (Latest Download Links)

The vast collection of video contents that Cyberflix TV Apk offers is unique. You may now think that it may take up a lot of storage space, but no. It does not compromise a bit in video quality as well. All the videos are in HD and high sound quality.

The user interface is exceptional. It is simple and user-friendly. Even with all these amazing features, Cyberflix TV Apk is completely free. Also, there is no need for signing up or registration. So you don’t have to provide any personal details for using this app. Another most annoying thing is the ads that come up while watching your favorite movie or TV show.


We all know that your Internet Service Providers(ISP) and Government keep on tracking your online activities such as browsing history and much more. Your current IP address is much exposed and can be seen by anyone and maybe they will monitor your connection also. While you are browsing you might get into serious legal troubles if you are found playing copyrighted/licensed content, knowingly or unknowingly.

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CyberFlix TV v3.1.9 APK

Download CyberFlix TV APK v3.1.9

Changelog of v3.1.9 APK:

  • 28 New Providers Added.
  • 22 New Resolvers Added.
  • 3D Movie Category Added.
  • Changed color of viewed RD links to show red for easier deletion of links previously viewed.
  • Added Tag to identify 3D titles.

CyberFlix TV APK v3.18 – Official Update

Download CyberFlix TV APK v3.1.8

Note of CyberFlix TV v3.1.8:

CyberFlix TV APK Official Download

Version 3.1.8 Release Date 06/27/2019



PIN =3000




Changelog of v3.1.8

  • Added a lot for debrid users and fixed numerous non-debrid hosts.
  • With new debrid host, CybersArmy, even if you do not want to pay for a debrid account, you can log in with a free debrid account and be able to access a lot of normal links via that provider for both movie and tv.

CyberFlix TV APK v3.1.7

*Download CyberFlix TV APK v3.1.7 – Get it with one click*

Changelog of CyberFlix TV v3.17 APK:

  • 8 New debrid providers added.
  • 4 New debrid hosts provided.
  • All providers updated and issues resolved.
    CyberFlix TV v3.1.7 APK
    CyberFlix TV v3.1.7 APK


  Download CyberFlix TV APK v3.1.6 (Drive – Direct Download)

Changelog CyberFlix TV v3.16 APK:

  • CyberFlix TV forum has been very much active and providing regular updates about the application.
  • Added ⇒New Providers- HevcBR, PLocker9, PutFreeSC, YesSC, YesMovCloud, isMovieFree, MovieHubs, StreamingPirate, TvLeaks, Uploadt9, MediaTVDL, ExpressTV, NZBGeek, Megaload, RockMovies, Links4Days & much more Added.
  • New Providers⇒Flix555, CloudVideo & a lot of Google Video DDL & CDN Sources.
  • Fixed Providers⇒HollyMovie *Now Without A Captcha Working*, Filmxy For Debrid Fixed, Scnsrc For Debrid fixed, 5Movies *Renamed Movie25V2*, OneFullMovies, GMovieSC and more.


This is the best update of CyberFlix TV got out, download from here:

cyberflix tv v3.1.5

  • New 30+ sources are added.
  • Popular Titles will pick up 4k links without Debrid now.
  • Included 4K category in Movies.
  • Added New Resolvers.
  • Added New Categories to Movies and TV.



The latest Cyberflix TV APK 3.1.4 has pushed and now in this version lots of much needed and improved features got added.

  • 17 New Providers and 5 New CDN Based Resolvers have been Added.
  • JawCloud is also added ( Resolver for MiraDeTodo and lots of new GoogleVideo Links).
  • Real Debrid support got enhanced.
  • Debrid Resolvers, TheVideo, VK, FlashX are working perfectly now.

CyberFlix TV v3.1.4 APK:



  • Added New Sources: SoShareAG, SoShareBZ, SoShareNet, TheYM, 123FMovies, 123movAG, Onlineseries, PLocker9, 5movies, Movie4k, GMovieSc, GoStream, WatchEpisodeSeries, DWSeries, and SWSeries.
  • Added New CDN-FastServer, AWS-FastServer, HLCDN-FastServer, FBCDN-FastServer, VIDCDN-Fastserver, and GoogleVideo Links.
  • Disabled Sources The123Hub and Cyberflix HD Temporarily.
  • Fixed the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoe.
  • JawCloud is also added ( Resolver for MiraDeTodo and lots of new GoogleVideo Links).

CyberFlix TV v3.1.3 APK:



  • Added Christmas Section
  • Fixed minor Bugs

CyberFlix TV v3.1.2 APK:

CYBERFLIX TV Latest Version 3.1.2


  • Updated refreshed links and servers.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs.

CyberFlix TV(C1berFlix TV) V3.1.1:

CYBERFLIX TV Latest Version 3.1.1


  • Added New Providers.
  • Added new sources The123 Hub, SeriesNine, DDL Valley for Debrid Users, which adds 4k links.
  • Added New Debrid Scrapers FlashX and RockFile.

C1berFlix TV(CyberFlix TV) v3.1.0:

CYBERFLIX TV Latest Version 3.1.0


  • Update pushed to fix Real Debrid sources.

FAQ – CyberFlix APK

Is CyberFlix TV Safe ??

Yes, CyberFlix TV is very much safe application and I would recommend you to use the above-mentioned VPN to increase some more privacy and security to your identity. Overall, CyberFlix TV is pretty safe to use the application.

Is CyberFlix TV Legal ??

CyberFlix TV is Legal if you are not watching the pirated content, anyway, Use the VPN to watch whatever you want on CyberFlix TV App.

Is CyberFlix Available for PC ??

Yes, We can use any Android Emulators like Nox Android Emulator OR Bluestacks to get CyberFlix on PC Devices. After installing the application on the PC, you can watch everything on a bigger screen in HD Quality.

Is CyberFlix Available for Free ??

Yes, CyberFlix TV is 100% Free application to watch movies and TV Shows.

Is CyberFlix Ad-Free ??

We are very much fortunate that CyberFlix TV is completely AD Free Application. You can watch everything any disturbances like Ads or any promotional banners while watching movies or tv shows in the app.

How to Update CyberFlix TV ??

Every Time you will see a prompt note on-screen of our app in the device to update the app to the latest version or You can visit any time this page to get the latest version of CyberFlix TV App. We will provide you each and every update of the app with virus scanning along with Changelog, You can install it without any hassles.

Is There Any Subtitles Support ??

We have the inbuilt Subtitles support and we don’t need to worry about that.

Also, Check Out Similar Apps: BeeTV App (Must Check) & Cinema APK (HD Cinema App).

Since Cyberflix TV Apk is ad-free, you no longer have to worry about that. Now you can make your long journeys and boring weekends interesting with non-stop movies and TV shows. You also don’t have to worry about missing your favorite series, as Cyberflix TV Apk will cover it up for you.

You can also download the video contents so that you can watch them offline. Please update with us to know every moment of the app and every new update of the app. Thank You 🙂