CINEMA HD APK v2.5.2 & v2.4.0 Download (LATEST CINEMA APK)

Holidays are coming up and you have nothing to do? Well here comes something to get rid of your boredom.

Cinema HD APK is an awesome video streaming app with movies and TV shows from around the world. From romantic comedy to adventure and thrillers, Cinema HD APK has got all genres of movies and series to make your holiday interesting.

Cinema APK Logo
Cinema APK Logo

It can now be downloaded on Android and iOS devices so that you can enjoy your movie whenever and wherever you want. You can find your favorite content, whether old or new in just a few clicks using Cinema HD APK. The large database is still the best feature of this app. You no longer need to waste time looking all over the internet to get your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also, check out – FilmPlus Download on FireStick & FireTV [TVZion Alternative].


Download CINEMA APK on Android (Latest Download Links)

Also, this app will notify you if a new episode of your favorite TV show comes up. The best part is, all these movies and TV shows are available for free using Cinema HD APK. The quality of the video content in Cinema TV APK is amazing. Most of the movies and TV shows are available in HD quality. The sound quality is also perfect to ensure a good movie time.

It also has a subtitle section with a large number of languages. Cinema also supports several casting apps such as Chrome cast, DLNA, etc so that you can cast these apps to bigger screens from your Android or iOS devices. The app also has a separate section for new releases. Also, the developers are taking a great effort to expand the database by uploading more contents each day. BeeTV is the most similar and consistent app like Cinema App.


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With this, the popularity of the app is also increasing at an exponential rate.

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Cinema HD APK All Latest Versions:

Cinema HD v2.5.2v2.5.2 Download
Cinema HD v2 (v2.4.1 Analytics)v2.4.1 Download
Cinema HD v2.4.0 APKv2.4.0 Download
Cinema HD v2.3.7.3 APKV2.3.7.3 Download
Cinema HD Analytics BETA v2.3.7.2v2.3.7.2 Download
Cinema HD APK BETA v2.3.7
v2.3.7 Download

Changelog of v2.4.1 APK:

  • Fixed many providers.
  • Added season pack support for Real Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize.
  • Added many providers and resolvers.

Changelog of v2.3.6.1:

  • Removed many wrong links in this update.
  • The backup/Restore option is fixed.
  • History can’t sort the newest watched at the top.
  • Fewer links related to ZeroTV and load more cached torrent links bug fixed.
  • The use Trakt Data only option was removed because the app hasn’t synced the watched position from Trakt API yet.

Cinema HD v2.3.5 APK:


  • Source Code Optimized.
  • Turn off the resolve premium links option as default.
  • Removed Limit request to Premium server Option.

Cinema HD v2.3.4 APK:


  • Added Remake settings screen.
  • The Premium link to the corrected file name by the long press has been resolved.
  • Added option to show default opening Screen.
  • Added an Option where you can adjust the watched time to save history and Sync to trakt.
  • The Resume Popup is cancelable.
  • Now you can add back the option to sort favorites by last watched.
  • Fixed crash bug.
  • Sync trakt at startup menu.
  • Added option to show file name if it’s available.
  • Show Aired Episodes Only bug is fixed.
  • No Link Found when we play some shows from the serial guide is fixed now.
  • Added Option: Keep Service Alive in Background.
  • Updated Providers and added Midstream to the resolver.

Cinema HD Analytics v2.3.2 BETA APK:

  Download Cinema HD v2.3.2 BETA APK

Note: Do not uninstall your current version, This update is for only those who want to test this BETA update. This installation is completely separate from your current version. You can restore the settings of your current version in this BETA version by using the ‘Restore’ option.


  • Real Debrid auto-resolve issue fixed.
  • Grey screen issue fixed.
  • Added more providers and resolvers.
  • A lot of bugs were fixed.

Cinema HD APK v2.3.1:

   Download Cinema HD v2.3.1 APK

Changelog of v2.3.1 APK:

  • Bad links were removed in this update.
  • Novel ads banner removed.
  • option to turn off the auto-generated background color.

Cinema HD v2.3.0 APK:

   Download Cinema HD v2.3.0 APK

Changelog of Cinema HD v2.3.0 APK:

  • The real Debrid issue got fixed in this.
  • Trakt sync issue fixed.
  • Crashing issue on Android 5.x fixed.
  • Fixed many providers.
  • Sources optimized.
  • Season specials added.
  • Use passwords to restrict categories or to deny searching.

Cinema HD v2.2.4.1 BETA:

   Download Cinema HD v2.2.4.1 APK BETA

Changelog of v2.2.4.1 BETA APK:

  • Crashing in Android 5.0 got fixed.
  • Many providers and sources got fixed.
  • Now, one can use the password to restrict access to categories and searching.
  • Show specials added.
  • Season pack coming soon on very next updates

Cinema HD Analytics v2.2.3(Beta Features & Crashlytics Support):

   Download Cinema HD Analytics v2.2.3 APK

Cinema HD APK v2.2.3 - Analytics & Crashlytics Support

Cinema HD 2.2.2:

Changelog of v2.2.2 (Cinema HD TV):

Cached TMDB not working Fixed

Cinema HD 2.2.1:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.1

Changelog of v2.2.1 (Cinema HD TV):

  • Use the cached database if TMD not working.
  • Fixed Wrong Link and Subtitle for the serial guide.
  • Fixed few resolvers.
  • Fixed a few providers.
  • Added a few Premium Providers.
  • Fix: Bypass New Cloudfare.

Cinema HD APK v2.2.0:

Changelog of v2.2.0:

  • Wrong Link & Subtitles issue fixed for SerialGuide users.
  • A lot of providers are fixed.
  • Update ZeroTV.
  • Renew TMDB API key.

Plugin Player Download | For Remote Streaming by Your Phone

   Download Plugin Player

Cinema HD APK v2.1.9

   Download Cinema HD APK 2.1.9

Changelog of Cinema HD 2.1.9:

  • Bug Fixed: No RD links found in some Amazon FireStick devices.
  • Updated AllDebrid to v4.0
  • Some providers & Resolvers Fixed.

CinemaHD has been upgraded to v2 and is known as CinemaHD V2 now, here’s a screenshot of the same to check out:

cinemahd v2 apk

Changelog of v2.1.7:

  • Added new resolvers like ClubPlay, MCloud, DDLTO.
  • Added new providers.
  • Added new resolvers.
  • Fixed previous update bugs.

Changelog of HD Cinema App v2.1.5:

  • Works on. FireStick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Supports on Real Debrid and All Debrid, Premiumize External Player, and many more.
  • This is one of the most lite size of the app until now.

Cinema APK v2.1.4:

   Download Cinema APK v2.1.4

Plugin Player Download: For Remote Streaming by Your Phone

Download Plugin Player

Cinema HD APK v2.1.1 – Official Version

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.1.1

Changelog of v2.1.1 APK:

  • Few Bugs Fixed.
  • Added more providers.
  • Added latest movies and tv shows to the list.

Cinema APK v2.0.8 – UPDATED

Download Cinema v2.0.8 APK

Changelog of v2.0.8 APK:

  • Fixed some providers.
  • Fixed the error which we faced in earlier version about not able to Enable and Disable subtitles while playing the movie or tv shows.
  • Added new providers.

Cinema HD APK v2.0.7 – Released

Download Cinema APK v2.0.7 – Official

Changelog of v2.0.7 Official APK:

  • Sync watched movies and tv shows with the series guide.
  • Optimized auto play next.
  • Fixed lot of sources, resolvers and added more providers.
  • Fixed Turn Off Resolve immediately premium links(RD, PM, AD) Enable this function to reduce the requests count to premium services and also cleans download history in your account.
  • Improved UI in this latest version.

Cinema APK v2.0.6 – Latest

Download Cinema APK v2.0.6


  • Resume function added to MX and VLC Player.
  • Fixed Bug: Different number of subtitles in Cinema Player than using ‘Play With’.
  • Clear cache option added.
  • Turn off resolve premium links option added.

Cinema APK v2.0.5 (HD Movies APK)

Download Cinema APK v2.0.5

Changelog v2.0.5:

  • Fixed Many Providers & Added ‘Amazone’ Resolver in this update.
  • Stream count added for TV Shows.
  • Update ZetoTV For Membership.
  • Deactivate Device From MemberCode & Fixed MemberCode errors On Some Devices.
  • Removed floating ads.
  • Removed location permissions prompt.
  • Removed analytics, banners and ads.

Cinema APK v2.0.3 (HD CINEMA APK)

Cinema APK v2.0.3 Download – Direct

  • Episode Not Load When Using AdBlocker got fixed
  • Resume Function, App Automatically Resumes With Last Selected Subtitle got improved alot

Cinema APK v2.0.1 – Update

Cinema APK v2.0.1 Download – Direct


  • Added new User Interface.
  • The new version available option will show on the left sidebar from now.
  • Fixed Some Providers and Subtitles.

Cinema APK v1.5.2 (HD CINEMA APK):

Cinema APK v1.5.2 Download (Direct Link)

  • Sorted links by quality
  • Added providers: TYSee, BestFilms
  • Fixed Providers: FMovies, Cinema, MoviesDBZar, PHMovies, TWODDL, Lordmovies
  • Optimized performance for low devices
  • Fixed bug : TMDB API not working on android 4.x+

Cinema APK v1.5.1 (HD CINEMA APK):

Cinema APK v1.5.1 Download (Direct Drive Link)

  • Added provider MoviesDBZar
  • Fixed provider ReleaseBB
  • Fixed provider Bioskopkeren
  • Fixed provider LordMovies
  • Fixed provider Dizist
  • Fixed provider BestFlix
  • Fixed provider CloudMovies
  • Fixed provider CMovies
  • Fixed provider Wawani
  • Fixed Resolver Nofile
  • Fixed Resolver VidStreaming

Cinema APK v1.5.0 (HD CINEMA APK):

Cinema APK v1.5.0 Download (Direct Drive Link)

  • Done Code Improvement and Optimization.
  • Added filter provider options.
  • Added Multi Search called Cinema.
  • Low profile mode is optimized and can be toggled.
  • Chromecast issue is fixed.
  • Auto Pick Subtitle on Chromecast is added.

Cinema APK v1.4.6 (HD CINEMA APK):

Cinema APK v1.4.6 Download (Direct Drive Link)

  • Added More 20+ 4K Providers.
  • Fixed Auto Play Next Bugs.
  • Fixed Bugs and Errors.

Cinema APK v1.4.4 (HD CINEMA APK):

Cinema APK v1.4.4 Download (Direct Drive Link)

Changelog: Updated on 27-02-2019

  • Added RealDebrid Cache Torrent API (Can be turned on in Settings)
  • Added RealDebrid User Info (Relogin Required)
  • Added New Providers : TTPB, 1337 (RealDebrid)
  • Fixed some bugs and providers.

Changelog: Updated on 02-02-2019

  • Force Update has been removed.
  • More HD Links and more providers added.
  • Media Players Crashing has been fixed.
  • Ads also Removed(AD Free APK).
  • IP Logging Removed.
  • AutoShort Cut also removed.
  • Analytics and Banner’s Placements also removed.

Note: Those who are facing an issue like Cinema APK parsing error please update or use this Cinema APK V1.4.3 where the force updates are disabled. Uninstalling and Installing again is working like charm, but in case any of you facing this APK Parsing issue on android or FireStick or any other platforms, do use the MOD Version which is neat and clean.

Cinema APK V1.4.2:

Cinema APK Version v1.4.2 (Direct Drive Link)

Changelog (v1.4.2):

  • Fix Providers: Afdah, PutPlocker, ReleaseBB, OneMovie, NovaMovie, FilmXy, Vidics..
  • Fixed RapidVideo
  • Added New Provider: NTMovies

Cinema APK V1.4.1 Beta:


  • Add option resolver Real Debrid Only.
  • Fixed the Issue of MX Player & VLC Player when it plays with subtitles option.
  • Speed improved in getting the best link.
  • Added more providers.
  • Show Calendar Beta (One of the best feature I excited for).

Cinema APK v1.4.0:

CINEMA APK Version 1.4.0(Direct Drive Link)


  • Fixed MX Player & VLC Player when playing with subtitles option.
  • Solved tv show providers.
  • Make sorting by size.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs.

Cinema APK v1.3.9:

CINEMA APK Version 1.3.9(Direct Drive Link)


  • Fixed – CMovies.
  • Update – Auto Play next Added.
  • Make Sorting by size and host priority.

Cinema APK v1.3.8:

CINEMA APK Version 1.3.8(Direct Drive Link)

Cinema APK v1.3.3:

CINEMA APK Version 1.3.3(Direct MediaFire Link)

This app is also available for your Android TV Box. With Cinema APK as your companion, you can have unlimited movies and entertainment at your fingertips. You no longer have to wait around the TV or waste your time in the long queue to get your movie tickets. You just need to install Cinema APK on your Android or iOS devices. Even with all these amazing features, the user interface is simple and amazing. It is also a lightweight app, so you do not have to worry about the storage space.

Cinema Apk is the best video streaming app you could wish for, in case of performance and user interface.

Thank You.

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