Download Coto Movies APK v2.4.3 for Android Devices (Latest Download Links)

Did you miss out on any of the new releases that you were waiting for? Well, here is an amazing app so that you can enjoy them on your Android devices.

CotoMovies APK is the best app where you can stream hundreds of movies and TV shows in different languages in no time. With the huge database, there is no movie or TV show that you cannot find in this app. It is because of this feature that the number of users has increased drastically.

Another amazing feature is that all the movies and TV shows are available in HD quality using CotoMovies APK. As it offers subtitles in hundreds of languages, you can enjoy video contents from any part of the world. Also, this app is completely free of cost. Yes! There is no subscription fee and also you don’t have to register to use Coto Movies APK on your Android devices.

Download Coto Movies APK for Android Devices (Latest Download Links)

The movies and TV shows are classified into different categories on the basis of their genres and popularity among the audience. The app also has a separate section for the newly released ones. Even with all these amazing features, Coto Movies APK is a lightweight app and do not consume much space from your storage.

Many fantastic features are introduced into the app with each new update. The best one that came up recently is the offline viewing option. Now you can download your favorite movies and video contents to your Android device. You can, therefore, share the contents with your friends.

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CotoMovies APK v2.4.3 (AD Free):

Download Coto Movies v2.4.3 APK

Changelog of v2.4.3 Mod APK:

  • No Ads and Analytics services.
  • Force update has been removed.
  • Size compressed to 8.6MB.
  • All Banners removed.

Coto Movies APK v2.3.9(Original)

Download Coto Movies v2.3.9 APK(Original)

  • Bugs found in the earlier version got fixed.
  • App working smoothly on all Android devices.

Coto Movies APK v2.3.9 Mod APK Kirlif:

Download Coto Movies v2.3.9 Mod APK

Changelog v2.3.9 MOD APK by Kirlif

  • Ads, Running Ads, Analytics and Sponsored Banners got removed.
  • No forced update also added in this version.
  • Lite mod and sized 9.2MB.

CotoMovies v2.3.8 APK:

Download CotoMovies APK v2.3.8


  • No Analytics, No Ads and No Banners.
  • Lite Mod version: 9.2MB.
  • Release by Kirlif’.
  • No Force Update.

Coto Movies v2.3.5 APK:

Download Coto Movies APK v2.3.5

  • In this version which is mod by balatan has removed analytics and banners.
  • Removed force update.


   Download Coto Movies APK v2.3.4


  • All Ads are removed as its already modded by one of its great follower.
  • All Banners has been removed.
  • UI improvements.
  • All forced updates removed.



  • Fixed Bugs
  • Added More Provider Links



  • More Providers added and added new free download links
  • Fixed icon issue
  • Fixed Slow New HD loading
  • Fixed Slow Update Notification
  • Fixed Openload


You no longer have to surf the web and download movies from unknown sources. CotoMovies APK provides the safest platform for you to get all your favorite movies online.

It is also possible to cast the video contents to bigger screens like FireTV as this app supports Chromecast and similar apps. As all the video contents are in high resolution, the quality is still maintained in bigger screens. These are just a few out of the many great features that CotoMovies APK offers. You can download this app from the link given above and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

Thank you.