Download Phoenix TV APK v1.15 on Your Devices (Latest Download Links)

Tired of watching the usual stuff on TV? Here is an interesting app for your Android devices. Phoenix TV APK is an awesome video streaming app with an astonishing collection of movies and TV shows.

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All the movies and TV shows are totally free of cost. There is no need for any registration or subscription fee to get this app. It also lets you download your favorite content. Phoenix TV APK, with no doubt, gives you the best movie experience.


Download Phoenix TV APK on Android (Latest Download Links)

With the new update of Phoenix TV APK, streaming and download speed has been increased. This is a much-needed app on your Android devices if you love movies. You no longer have to worry about rushing home for your favorite TV shows. You simply need to download Phoenix TV APK on your Android devices and enjoy unlimited entertainment whenever you want.

The picture quality and audio files are just perfect to get the best entertainment time wherever you are. You may be able to find hundreds of video streaming apps these days.


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Phoenix TV APK v1.15:

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.15


  • Updated providers have been added.
  • GoogleVideo added.
  • Added Audio Decoder To Player For Torrents, Now It Plays 5.1.
  • Few bugs fixed and UI improved.

Phoenix TV APK v1.14

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.14

  • Updated and added Providers;
  • TV-Sub For Subtitles is Fixed;
  • Open-Subtitles is Fixed.

Phoenix TV APK v1.13

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.13


  • Updated and added new providers.
  • Added new trackers.
  • Backend Improvements started and few bugs fixed in earlier versions.

Phoenix TV APK (v1.12)

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.12


  • Added Auto Rotation To Player
  • CartoonHD Updated

PhoenixTV APK (v1.11) 

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.11

  •,Treamlord Updated.
  •  Updated CartoonHD.

Phoenix TV APK v1.10.1:

Download Phoenix TV APK v1.10.1


  • Crashing Issues fixed in some devices.
  • Improvements in backend development.
  • Few bugs fixed.

Phoenix TV APK v1.08:

Changelog(Phoenix TV v1.08 – Moprheus TV Clone)

  • TVSub.Net Was Fixed & 123Movies,123Hulu Was Fixed.
  • Pushed the app to update to v1.08
  • Few Bugs Fixed.
  • Minor improvements in UI.

Phoenix TV APK v1.06:

You can download Latest Phoenix TV APK using the link provided above. This app is all you need to enjoy your free time with some good entertainment.

Changelog (Phoenix TV v1.06 APK)

  • Providers & Sources Fixed.
  • TVSubnet Subtitles fixed.
  • Latest Release Section added.
  • Trending Category added back in this Phoenix TV 1.06 APK Update(Morpheus TV Clone).

Phoenix TV APK v1.05:

Must Check this amazing guide on Phoenix TV APK | Download Phoenix TV App (Morpheus TV Clone & LATEST Version).

But the quality and enhanced user experience that Phoenix TV APK offers cannot be found anywhere else and this is what makes this the number one streaming app.

Even with such a huge and amazing database, it is a lightweight app. It is safe to download Phoenix TV APK on your devices as you don’t have to share personal information.

Thank you.