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Ever had a really exhausting day and wanted a break so that you could just relax and watch a good movie? Well, with Cyberflix TV APK on your smartphones, unlimited entertainment is right at your fingertips.

With its great content and high video quality, this app is gaining hundreds of audiences every single day. You may find many video streaming apps available for Android, but with the unique features and collection of movies that the Cyberflix TV app offers, you can never find a better one.

The content offered by Cyberflix TV is huge. Ranging from comedy-drama to thriller, it contains movies and TV shows of all genres from all over the world. Also, the developers are making great effort to upload more contents each day. In this article, we will look into a method to Install and Download Cyberflix TV on your Android devices. Now you can enjoy movies and TV series of any language with this great streaming app. Check this out: Morpheus TV on Android TV Box | Install Morpheus TV APK on Smart TV [Guide].


 Cyberflix TV APK for Android Devices | Features:

Before we move on to the installation procedure of Cyberflix TV, let us look into some of the features which make this app different from other streaming apps. Do you wish to break out from the conventional TV sets and enjoy the entertainment that you really wish for? Here is a chance to get them on your Android devices for free. Introducing Cyberflix TV APK, which is the most widely used video streaming app. The app offers you nothing less than pure entertainment. There are hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can watch. It provides you with an astonishing library full of the best movies and TV shows of all time.

Name of the ApplicationCyberflix TV APK
Android version4.1 and Above
OSiOS, Android, PC
APK File Size34.0 MB
License Type Free
Updated on 2023
  • Cyberflix TV enables you to choose from an awesome list of movies, TV shows, and other video content that no other app offers. Every day, new content is added in this app so that you don’t have to surf the web for hours to get your favorite movies.
  • The app also has a subtitles section with many languages, so that you can watch movies and TV shows of any region across the world.
  • Cyberflix TV APK offers movies and TV shows in HD quality. You can also adjust the video quality if the internet connection is not stable.
  • You can also download your favorite content directly from this app.
  • Ad interruptions are something we hate the most. Well, Cyberflix TV is the best solution as the app is ad-free.
  • This app does not take up much of the storage of your Android devices. It is a simple app but offers a great user interface.
  • There is a separate section for new releases. Also, the app lets you know if a new episode or similar content to what you watch is uploaded.
  • All these amazing features are available for free. You don’t even have to register or sign up on this app to watch your favorite movies and series. It is the safest video streaming app so that none of your personal details are accessed.

These are just a few of the astonishing features that Cyberflix TV APK offers, which is why you should have this app on your Android devices. You can access them on your Android devices by streaming online. Cyberflix TV has also come up with a download option with which you can download your favorite movies or the whole TV series. This will enable you to watch them even when there is no stable data connection.

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Download and Install Cyberflix TV on Android devices

Cyberflix TV APK, which tops the list of video streaming apps is a great place where you can find any movies and series, old or new, of any language and genre. It is free, easy to use and offers you nonstop entertainment. Here, we have given a method to download Cyberflix TV on your Android devices.

Cyberflix TV APK is not only free but the users don’t have to register to use the app either. The app is designed in such a way that the users can access the database easily, hence providing an awesome user interface. Cyberflix TV APK also has a great media player that is in-built. This lets you play videos from different media players using a single one. That I, it supports all video formats. The variety of content lies not just in the genre, but also in languages. You can now watch movies and TV shows from any language.

Since this is downloaded from a third-party source, you have to make some changes in the device settings. For this, go to Settings and enable the Unknown Sources option, to allow the installation of any third-party app on your device.

  • Firstly, you are required to download the Cyberflix TV APK file of this app by going to the link given below. We have added all recent versions of CyberFlix TV APK(C1berFlix TV) Check and download them to your respective devices).


  • Once it is downloaded on your device, go to the file location. In order to install the app, you need to run the APK file by tapping on it.

  • Now, the device will ask for confirmation to download this app. The app permissions and access will also be shown. You just need to click on Accept and proceed.
  • Another confirmation window will pop up. You need to tap on the Install option and the app will be installed on your device.

  • Once you are done with the installation process, you can find the Cyberflix TV APK app icon on the home screen.

Best Alternative App: Cinema APK v1.4.0 (HD Cinema Updated App – Terrarium TV Alternative).

How to Use Cyberflix TV on Your Android Devices

  • Once you have successfully installed Cyberflix TV on your Android device, you can open it. You will find a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and series. You can also find a great collection of newly released hits.
  • To enjoy your favorite content, you simply need to click on it and the content along with the description can be seen. The ratings and reviews of the content can also be found here.
  • You can also find a search bar, where you can search for the content that you wish to watch.

There is a subtitles section that gives you subtitles in more than a hundred languages. Cyberflix TV APK has well-categorized video content. You can find a separate tab for the new releases. Also, new content is added each day so that you don’t miss out on any new episodes of your favorite series. You can also watch all the new releases for free from anywhere you like.

Best Streaming Application for Android:

Morpheus TV APK: Download Morpheus TV APK for Android Devices.

Latest Movies & TV Shows – Integrate MX Player with CyberFlix TV

After the shutdown of Terrarium, several relative apps tried their best to take over the void. However, the only app that managed to go near the charm created by Terrarium is CyberFlix TV. With the latest movies and TV shows available on CyberFlix in HQ for streaming, the application quickly garnered a massive user base.

The beauty of CyberFlix TV is that you can even set up an external video player on it instead of using the default player. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to integrate MX Player with CyberFlix TV.

  • Why MX Player?

According to us, it is needless to provide the answer to this question. Everybody knows that MX Player is one of the best applications in its category. The features provided by MX Player are unparalleled and unequaled. With MX Player integrated with CyberFlix TV, you can enjoy a fantastic streaming experience.

  • Integrate MX Player with CyberFlix TV – Prerequisites

There are no other prerequisites except that you must have MX Player installed on the device you wish to stream using CyberFlix TV. Hence, if you haven’t installed MX Player on your device yet, please proceed with the installation of the same before trying to integrate it with CyberFlix TV.

  • Integrate MX Player with CyberFlix TV – STEPS

Now that you have installed MX Player on your streaming device, the following are the simple steps that you require to integrate the same with CyberFlix TV.

  • Please launch CyberFlix TV and tap on ‘Settings.’
  • Scroll down in ‘Settings’ and tap on the option of ‘Default Video Player.’
  • Since MX Player is present on your device, it will come up as one of the options.
  • Please tap on the option of MX Player.

That’s it! You have successfully selected MX Player as the default player for streaming on CyberFlix TV.

  • Get MX Player to Play Content from CyberFlix TV

These were the simple steps to enable MX Player on CyberFlix TV. Now, you can enjoy the premium content from CyberFlix TV on a premium media player. If you happen to face any issues while following the process of integration or have any additional questions to ask, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.


Can CyberFlix TV be accessed for free?

Yes, CyberFlix TV offers streaming services for free. All the videos are available for free. You only have to download CyberFlix TV on your device to access them all

Is CyberFlix TV Safe to Use?

CyberFlix TV is in fact, the safest source of unlimited entertainment. However, it is recommended that you use a VPN while streaming content. There are no bugs in CyberFlix TV.

Is CyberFlix TV available on Smart TV devices?

CyberFlix TV is a video streaming app designed for Android. It is now made available on many Smart TV devices like Android TV. CyberFlix TV is an alternative to Terrarium TV and offers an amazing database, video quality, etc which is perfect to view on Smart TV.

How to cast videos from CyberFlix TV to the TV?

Here, we are using Chromecast to cast the videos.

  • Enable Chromecast on your TV device.
  • Also, use the same internet network on your Android device.
  • Open the Tubi app on your device.
  • Select the Chromecast icon at the top of the app.
  • Choose the device to which you need to cast videos.

What is the Purpose of CyberPlay?

CyberPlay is an in-built video player to watch movies online on CyberFlix TV. They support multiple media players. You can also use external media players like MX Player which shows even better performance.

Is it Safe to Download CyberFlix TV?

CyberFlix TV may not ensure privacy on your browser. The videos in this app are actually from multiple host sites which may or may not be safe. You can download CyberFlix TV easily by getting the APK file and then installing it on your Android device. It is always preferred to use a VPN while streaming.

Download Cyberflix TV APK on Android Devices (GUIDE)

To conclude, Cyberflix TV is a great partner for you to relax and clear out all the stress from your mind with some good movies and entertainment for free. The only thing you need to do is to download the app on your device. If you face any problems while installing this app using the procedure provided above, do let us know.

Thank You.

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  1. Yes I love the app you have but I don’t like that I have to do all that stuff to watch a show like download an app that works one one show and not aney athers and a lot of programs that I can’t use only on one show but can you please fix that I can only use one program for all the shows I don’t want to get read of it but I will if I have to thanks

    1. Hey, could you please download the latest version of CyberFlix TV APK? It’s working perfectly fine for us with this and all bugs are fixed. Thanks 🙂

  2. 98% of TV shows and movies are out of Sync, can this be resolved? Spoils the watching if the words come out after or before the actors mouth moves!

  3. Hello im having issues with the app im not sure why unless its because i declined the player and thats because i didnt find a cyperfelx player.

  4. Hi I am having a problem with the app I get on it and everything is blank. All it says is no data and at the bottom says unknown error, please try again later. Any clues on what is going on?

  5. Hi I am having a problem with the cyberflix tv app. I get on it and everything is blank. All it says is no data and at the bottom says unknown error, please try again later. Any clues on what is going on?

  6. What’s going on with the Cyberflix? One day I’m watching it and the next it’s not downloading. It states ‘no synopsis’.

  7. Cyber tv i have a quick question please. Does your site have an auto play? So the series can just roll over to the next episode?

  8. I seem to be getting less links, the cyberflix links are almost completely gone. Is there a way to get those back?

  9. It appears no one operating this App doesn’t follow through w viewers questions?? What gives? Ah..I doubt anyone will answer My Question. Oh the Irony, Argh!

  10. I am having issues with the app. When I watch a movie or a series, then it plays for a little while and then it stops playing and going back to the links. Then I have to select the link again and forward to where it was. What can I do to fix this, please?

  11. My phones lookout keeps saying there is riskware on cyberflix …. Is this going to crash my phone or has anyone else had this problem…

  12. Although there are hd streaming sources, they are in fact sd quality, on my Nvidia Shield. Comparison viewing reveals all are streaming the same quality. Can’t figure that one out…

  13. Since last few week, i cannot use subscene for the subtitles anynore. Always got “no data” when I change the subtitles to aubscene. How to fix this problem.

  14. I just recently downloaded this app yesterday on my android phone and I can’t seem to download any TV shows. I long press on the link and only three options show nun of which includes download…help please. Thank u..

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