[Fixed*] Morpheus TV Not Working, No Data/Links Available & Crashing Errors

Morpheus TV is the one stop application for unlimited entertainment. Name any popular movie or TV show and you got it on the Morpheus TV application.

No doubt, the application has garnered an immense number of followers in a pretty short period of time. But, such massive popularity comes with a cost. Developers have to work pretty hard behind the scenes to make sure the application has updated content and is free from all sorts of bugs and associated errors.

Same applies for Morpheus TV as well as users of the application, from all around the world, have been reporting some common errors and issues with the app like no data available,  application not working and similar more. If you are the user of Morpheus TV App and are facing the mentioned issues with the application, you have hit the bull’s eyes with this post as we are going to provide you with working solutions for the common errors faced in the application.


Morpheus TV “Not Working” / Crashing | Troubleshooting Steps

Any system or application, howsoever carefully developed and designed, is prone to facing errors and other issues. They may come up in the Alpha or Beta stage or anytime during the post-launch timeline of the software. Below you will find common errors related to Morpheus TV and steps to fix the same.

Morpheus TV No Data Available | No Data Links Available on Firestick

There could be several reasons behind ‘No Data Available’ error on Morpheus TV. As a first you must try clearing the memory on your device whether it is Android or iOS, using a good memory cleaner application.

If clearing the memory doesn’t work for you then try altering the DNS Settings as sometimes the glitch lies in the IP address of the application server and not the server itself.

Also, it is important to remember that certain Ad Blockers may prevent Morpheus TV for displaying data. So, if you have got an Ad Blocker installed, go ahead and disable the same.


Finally, if none of the above works for you; it means that the content that you are trying to watch is restricted in your region. You can go ahead and watch the same by subscribing to a good VPN service and installing their relative application.

Morpheus TV Not Streaming on Android After Update | App Not Opening

If Morpheus TV has stopped working on your Android, iOS, Firestick or Fire TV device, post an update, then the issue lies in compatibility. The latest version may require improved and upgraded specs which your current device might not be able to render and furnish for the application. Hence, in such cases, it is best that you revert back to the older version of the application and refrain from upgrading the same.

Unfortunately, Morpheus TV has stopped working | App Won’t Launch

If you are receiving the error stating that Morpheus TV has stopped working it means your ISP has restricted access of Morpheus to the application server and hence the application is unable to work. Hence, the best alternative in such cases is to go ahead and install a VPN application so that you can browse and stream, without any issues, on the application.

Morpheus TV Not Getting Installed/ Not Playing on Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV & PC

If you are unable to install Morpheus on your Android, iOS, Firestick or Fire TV and Windows PC/MAC Computer then it is most likely because you are not following the correct installation steps. Follow our guides to get the correct installation steps and utilize the same for installing Morpheus TV App on your device.

Morpheus TV for Android

Morpheus TV for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Morpheus TV for PC (Windows/Mac)

Morpheus TV for Fire Tv / FireStick

Morpheus TV on Android Box /Android Smart TV

Conclusion: How To Fix Morpheus TV App Common Errors [UPDATED]

We have listed out most of the common errors which is faced by users when Morpheus TV is installed or while using it on Android, iOS, PC, Firestick, Android Box etc..

So, these were the common issues that users of Morpheus TV have been facing. We hope that you are able to fix the issues using our guide. For any kind of additional queries please use the comments section below.

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  1. (Nov.10.20218 – 6:25 ET) — I just installed Morpheus 1.66 on my S5 Neo and when trying to run it I see the gui momentarily but immediately stops. I have uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times and and even re-downloaded the APK .. same thing. Is this just a dud, what is going on? Reviews seem like it’s a good alternative to TTV and I’m sure I’d like it if it actually worked .. but since it doesn’t (for me) AFIAC it’s crap.

    Much appreciate any help…if possible.

  2. Any movie apps playing any movie stops in the middle of play only on my Nvidia shield, but on my mecool bb2 pro everything works ok. So can’t think why would the shield would block me even with unknown sources on,and that’s it

    1. I agree the loading issue is extremely annoying to the point where I dont use this app unless I really really want to watch something and even then I generally shut it off since it has to load about every 15 seconds.

  3. Down loaded a movie on morph TV with fire stick and it keeps freezing saying error code 416 what is this and how do I fix it

  4. i installed it in a rkm 802 iv tv box with android 4.4.2 and suddenly it does not display any pictures just black boxes and very few sources

  5. in the last few days i have seen that morpheus will search for streamers but cannot locate any today is july 23 2019 has something happened that will not allow the app to find streamers?

  6. I am having a similar problem. Morph tv works fine for movies but when I click on tv I get a message that says there is no content in my Trakt file

  7. I just began having an issue where the app is saying they cannot find any sources for this content. It is happening more and more for common TV shows like Survivor and How to get away with Murder. They are on top of the “trending” list so someone has to have been watching these programs.

    1. I’ve also have been running into issues with the app is saying they cannot find any sources for this content. It won’t load any movies or shows. Also movies and shows I’ve previously have watched before. I’ve cleared the cache to see if that would help, but no luck. I have version 1.66. Suggestions?

        1. I am also having the same issue with no content sources. I have tried at different times of day and night w no luck. Agree on someone must be able to watch on trending shows…ie Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago PD, etc… HELP PLEASE!

  8. I began having similar issue with both movies and TV shows that are either trending or not. Even shows I’ve watched before it states no links found both on my fire TV stick as well as the Android phones on both my partner and I. This was my go to and now I have Netflix, Hulu and all these other apps to make up fornit

  9. My morph and morpheus have both stopped syncing with Trakt on my android box but nowhere in settings can I find how to connect them again. It is working on my other android (newer) box but not this one.

  10. I downloaded Bluestacks & Morpheus on my laptop, same problem ‘ No sources’. Would it help to route stuff via a VPN or would this just be a waste of money and not resolve the problem?

  11. Sadly, the developer is no longer supporting the app. It does not look like there will be a fix for it.
    Keep looking for the next streamimg app. Unlockmytv is working as well as tubi tv. They’re not like morph however.

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